Those Nights at Rachel’s Free Download

Those Nights at Rachel's

Those Nights at Rachel’s Free Download is a scary game with horror elements and a mission. You guard a building and fight against animatronics.

Those Nights at Rachel's
Those Nights at Rachel’s

This fan creation is set in Doug’s n’ Rachel’s. It is a famous restaurant serving good foods and stage performances. Lots of adults and children come here for tasty foods as well as performances of animatronics. However, you come here to work as a nightguard.

Your mission is to guard the restaurant at night. This mission sounds simple, but, it is hard to complete. It is because the animatronics of the restaurant will move at night. They will try to enter your place to jumpscare you. Hence, you must defend yourself from their attacks.

The animatronics in this FNAF fan game are not the same as the ones in the FNAF series. Their appearances and abilities are much scarier. So, you must use your strategies and tactics to cope with them to outsmart them for a chance of winning.

This fan game provides you with the following features:

  • New Animatronics
  • New Settings
  • Amazing Custom Mechanics
  • Custom Voice Acting
  • A storyline for you to explore
  • Partly free-roaming mechanic
  • Etc.

Those Nights at Rachel’s Free Download is not like Five Nights at Freddy’s games in terms of storylines. However, it still brings you a horror vibe and a scary adventure. You play it to prove your skills.


How to Install:


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Version: 0.0.9