PYRO-ILLUSION Free Download is a fan game full of mysteries for you to solve. These mysteries relate to the animatronics at a creepy restaurant.


The game took inspiration from Five Nights at Freddy’s games by Scott Cawthon. Therefore, it contains horror elements and a spooky adventure for you to explore. It is set in a different restaurant named Roxy and Friends Pizza World.

This restaurant features original animatronics from the old restaurant named Fazbear Entertainment. It was closed down for no reason. This led to lots of rumors about it. These rumors still catch the attention of people. Now, a nightguard like you will solve them all.

You are hired as a night watchman working at the restaurant at night. Your mission is to keep the place safe. The animatronics, including Roxy Loxy and others, will roam the building at night. So, you have to defend yourself from them during the night.

Your strategies and tactics should be applied to the game as you play it. They help you outsmart the animatronics and stop them from attacking you.

The objective for you in this fan game is to solve all mysteries about the restaurant and survive the attacks of animatronics.

To play PYRO-ILLUSION Free Download, you need to have a good computer with at least 4 GB of RAM. Besides, the display size has to be the same or larger than 720p.

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