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Project Box

Project Box Free Download is a fan creation based on FNAF books. It features new characters with a new story to explore.

Project Box
Project Box

This fan-made title took inspiration from FNAF books instead of Five Nights at Freddy’s games by Scott Cawthon. The books feature new characters and new storyline for you to explore. You take on the role of Charlie – the protagonist of the books.

Here is the story of it:

  • One day or two after the conclusion of The Twisted Ones, Charlie woke up from her sleep and found herself in the underground pizza restaurant.
  • She was trapped in a strange room. This room seems to be mysterious.
  • Charlie probably cannot leave the room in an easy way. Hence, she must try to do something to escape this place.
  • Stringtrap is the animatronic of the restaurant and he is patronizing Charlie.
  • So now, you must help Charlie get through the night as well as solve all the mysteries. These mysteries relate to her late father.

Your adventure starts at night. You can interact with six posts. Try to move them and make use of them to vanquish the game.

Here are the six posts you can interact with:

  • Monitor
  • Power Breaker
  • A Clock (You can only view it)
  • A Large Box
  • Two Doors (They are on opposite sides of the room)

If you know how to make use of these posts as well as balance them, you will survive the night.

Project Box Free Download brings you a new scary adventure full of mysteries to solve.

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