Overnight 2 : Reboot Free Download

Overnight 2 : Reboot

Overnight 2: Reboot Free Download is a horror adventure game that centers on your survival. You fight and defeat animatronics to survive.

Overnight 2 : Reboot
Overnight 2 : Reboot

This is an FNAF fan-made game by CBGames. It is also based on the Five Nights at Freddy’s series by Scott Cawthon. You play it to prove your survivability through a creepy night.

The game is the second chapter of the series. It will bring you some new things to experience. Although its gameplay mechanic and storyline are the same as the basic game, it still has some differences.

You don’t have to sit in an office much. Instead, you can move around Freddy’s restaurant. As you make your way through the restaurant, you have to be careful with the animatronics. It is because they attempt to attack you.

To avoid their attacks, you have to be active to escape away from them. Find a corner then hide there to stop them from seeing you. Make use of your strategies as well as tactics to cope with animatronics. You have to survive their attacks to win.

The game has three nights that are regarded as three challenges for you to vanquish. It also has some features such as:

  • New animatronics
  • New AI
  • Amazing graphics and mechanics
  • Vents for your exploration
  • Basic AI by Nikson
  • A larger map
  • No phone call. Instead, AI will talk to you, which is similar to FNAF: Sister Location.
  • 3 nights for you to vanquish.

Overnight 2: Reboot Free Download has a nice gameplay mechanic that makes it different from other FNAF fan games.

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Version: 0.1.0