Obsolete:After the Accident Free Download


Obsolete: After the Accident Free Download is an FNAF-inspired horror game. It focuses on a young girl that went through a traumatic event.

Obsolete:After the Accident
Obsolete:After the Accident

Five Nights at Freddy’s series has been a source of inspiration for a variety of fan games, including the title above. Due to this inspiration, the game also contains some horror elements for you to explore. However, it has a different storyline.

The game focuses on a young girl. This girl went through a serious traumatic event that led to her father’s death. Now, you start an adventure with this girl and attempt to help her solve all mysteries.

You make your way through a scary facility. Lots of animatronics are roaming around at night in this place. Hence, you must be careful and avoid them.

The gameplay mechanic of this FNAF fan game is quite similar to the original series. It also lets you roam through the facility. On your way, you can interact with objects to collect clues then use them to solve the mysteries.

Be watchful for the animatronics because they will hunt you and take a chance to jumpscare you. You can make use of the sound and light system in the game to cope with the animatronics. Your goal is to escape the place and solve the mysteries.

The game has the following features, for instance:

  • Free roaming gameplay mechanic
  • Characters with voice acting
  • Original soundtrack
  • Various cutscenes
  • Lots of original animatronics.
  • Extras menu
  • Etc.

Obsolete: After the Accident Free Download brings you a new horrible task. You use your skills to solve it to win.

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Version: 0.3.56