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JOLLY Free Download takes you on a spooky adventure. You work as a night watchman who has to defeat all animatronics for his survival.


When it comes to FNAF fan games, JOLLY should be mentioned. It is one of the best fan games giving you a horror adventure full of mysteries. The game is set in Jolly’s Fantasy World. This is a restaurant that is famous for food and parties.

It is a fun place that draws the attention of adults and children. They come here to enjoy food and performances done by animatronics.

Jolly and his friends are the main animatronics that perform on the stage. They cheer up people and keep them happy while they are enjoying their meals. They are also the reason that customers come to this restaurant.

The owner of the restaurant is in need of a night watchman. You are hired. You start working at the restaurant for some nights. Your mission is to keep the restaurant safe. At the same time, you also check on animatronics.

However, the animatronics seem to be scary at night. They roam the facility and they seem to want to jumpscare you. During your shift, you must use strategies to cope with animatronics. The power is limited, so you utilize the generator to charge it.

Make sure you push the elevator upwards go stop someone from using it. If it does not go well, you try to close the door. Try your best to survive all nights!

JOLLY Free Download is a great fan game with some features. For instance, you have a custom night to play, a phone call with subtitles, as well as some minigames.


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Version: 1.5.0