FNaF World Simulator Free Download

FNaF World Simulator

FNaF World Simulator Free Download is an animatronic-themed game set in an interesting world. It is about a battle against Freddy. Source: fnaffangames.com

FNaF World Simulator
FNaF World Simulator

Scott Cawthon also released a spin-off after his Five Nights at Freddy’s series. That spin-off is called FNaF World. Now, the game is also used as a source of inspiration for FNaF World Simulator.

The game is set in Animatronica – an interesting world of Freddy and his friends. After Freddy has completed the game, he obtained an unfair amount of strength. It is his new powers that he will utilize to capture Animatronica. Then, he will damage any enemies that are left in it.

Freddy seems to be a dangerous animatronic. So, somebody needs to stop him before it’s too late. That somebody can be “enemies”.

Although the game sounds like an adventure game, it still features some horror elements. You will join a fight and try to beat Freddy and the enemy gangs. You can form a party with your favorite animatronics first. Then, you will start a battle.

You direct your team as well as make use of the abilities of your team members to defeat the enemies. If you win the battle, you will have some bonuses. Then, you can use them to improve your animatronics.

Features of the game:

  • Lots of characters for you to play as.
  • Meet and battle against your old friends with enemies in a new perspective.
  • Lots of words for you to explore.
  • Various Chips and equipment for you to find and use.
  • Amazing game modes for replay value.
  • Etc.

FNaF World Simulator Free Download takes you on a fun yet challenging adventure where you direct your party to beat all enemy teams.

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Version: 1.0.7