Eddie and the Misfits Free Download

Eddie and the Misfits

Eddie and the Misfits Free Download centers on a deserted theater. You make your way through that theater trying to solve all mysteries.

Eddie and the Misfits
Eddie and the Misfits

Instead of sitting in an office of a pizza restaurant, you will now make your way through a deserted theater. You venture into the depts of this place trying to look back at things that used to be childhood memories of people.

The place is full of rooms. So, you must choose locks to venture into them. On your way, you may encounter Eddi – an antagonist, together with Mousetrap and Topsy.

The goal of Eddi is to turn off your system. Hence, you must keep the Parts and Service room safe from him. Besides, you must watch out for his location so you can protect yourself from his attack.

There are some command signals that you can use and send towards Eddi. If you want to keep him away, you can push the red button right beside the door.

About Mousetrap, he likes to move around the facility. He can traverse from room to room on some main nights. So, if he comes close to you, you need to hide under the deck. Keep hiding until Mousetrap leaves.

Each animatronic is different in its attack types. Hence, you need to have smart and suitable strategies to cope with them.

Eddie and the Misfits Free Download is a game based on Five Nights at Freddy’s series by Scott Cawthon. It brings you five creepy nights and some puzzles to solve.

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