CASE: Animatronics Free Download

CASE: Animatronics

CASE: Animatronics Free Download brings you a mysterious case to solve. You use your detective and survival skills to win the game.

CASE: Animatronics
CASE: Animatronics

This fan creation features stealth horror elements. It also concentrates on a different storyline, giving you a new horror adventure. You will solve the problems at the Police Department that was controlled by an anonymous hacker.

The hacker locked all exits as well as turned off the electricity. So, it will be hard for you to traverse the place. You are Detective Bishop trying to solve the case as well as rescue the Police Department. You start a night adventure trying to collect evidence in this place.

As you move, you have the feeling of someone following you. It has red eyes and it seems to be made of steel. This can be animatronics. They are scary and hostile. Hence, you must defend yourself from them.

At the same time, you try to solve mysteries to complete the case. You will explore some features in this fan game based on Five Nights at Freddy’s series:

  • There is a tablet that you use to monitor the security cameras.
  • Perform your fast movements, stay quiet and be alert as well as keep in mind that you have to use equipment smartly.
  • The game features a hide-and-seek gameplay mechanic.
  • All animatronics are equipped with unique abilities.
  • The Police Department environment is full of mysteries for your exploration.

CASE: Animatronics Free Download lets you play as a detective who has to solve a case for an escape and survival.

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